Polandvision I is the first Polandvision event ever held on the Polandball Wiki. It was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It had 15 contestants, and Italian representative Simpleball won the contest with the self-made comic "Reich's Attack" with 191.8 points.

Timeline Edit

After two threads of failure and a delay of a month, Polandvision officially started on March 9th. And after a long delay of comic submission time, the deadline ended. The winner reveal was on April 23th.

Comic Entry Gallery Edit

Draw Country Language Artist Comic Place Points
01 Czech-icon Czech Republic English Bre-icon Bresbeba "Vincent and Lucia" 8 78.96
02 Italy-icon Italy English Turkey-icon Simpleball "Reich's Attack " 1 191.8
03 Poland-icon Poland English Duchy of Masovia-icon Luki1223 "How to stop Separatists " 3 134.6
04 Norway-icon Norway English Ironhand21-icon Ironhand21 "Polandbioasdjwdwa " 10 69
05 Malta-icon Malta English Bain-icon BainTheCool "French Colonialism in a nutshell " 6 93
06 Slovenia-icon Slovenia English Collisions-icon Collisions "Chef Ethiopia " 2 146.5
07 Denmark-icon Denmark English Devonball-icon Devonball "The Coronation " 11 60.4
08 Liechtenstein-icon Liechtenstein English Canary Islands-icon Dieggi Canary Islands "Kawaii " 15 28
09 Estonia-icon Estonia English The13thCasino-icon The13thCasino "Nordic " 13 48
10 Serbia-icon Serbia English TheChedoman-icon TheChedoman "Parenting " (Rush b Cyka) 7 85
11 Spain-icon Spain English Obliterador-icon Obliterador "Spain is late " 12 60
12 Croatia-icon Croatia English Croatian Nationalist-icon Croatian Nationalist "18+ " 14 30
13 Germany-icon Germany English Tessereicht-icon Tessereicht "Eye doctor " 9 71.5
14 Macedonia-icon Macedonia (FYROM) English Paladinball Paladinluke "Not so rocket science " 4 116.4
15 Armenia-icon Armenia English Armenia-icon Masked Bard "Armenian history " 5 103.6

Note: Serbian entry "Parenting" was originally "Rush b Cyka", but was changed due to the original comic being unable to be uploaded to the wiki.


  • The Netherlands planned to compete, but could not due to various reasons. Instead, they debuted in the second edition.